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hoya kerry activewear

Our impact

Our impact 

The fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world. 

Every time we wash a synthetic garment, mircroplastics are released into the water plus tons of single-use plastic packaging and courier bags that we use.  All these end up in our ocean or landfill.

Moreover, the mass production of fast fashion which focuses on speed and low costs generates more and more textile waste and damaging the environment and polluting water.     

At hoya kerry, we want to be the change and minimize environmental impact.

Recycled yarn 

We select mostly recycled yarn for our fabric. They are made out of ocean plastic waste such as plastic bottle, fishnet or bamboo. Recycled polyester is a better alternative because it is based on a recycled material. By breaking down the disposable PET into small chips, they are first sterilised and dried. Then the chips are heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn before knitting into fabric.

Our hangtag is used of kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable.
Kraft products are treated with fewer chemicals and don’t involve extensive bleaching. Unlike other traditional paper making processes, Kraft can use all types of wood and therefore it is more environmentally friendly.

Each garment comes with a designed bag as a cover. It is absolutely reusable - perfect to bring to the gym to carry your sweaty clothes or use it as a washing bag to increase the longevity of your sport bras and leggings.

We try to avoid unnecessary packaging as much as possible to reduce single-use plastic. Some items are zero packaging. For delivery, we use kraft carton rather than courier plastic bag and they are recyclable. Also it gives a better protection of the good from damage during shipping.

Donation: 1 Order = 1 Tree Planted

Climate Change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, of which CO2 is by far the most important one. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it. A single tree can offset up to 250 Kg of CO2 during its lifespan! 

We are pleased to partner with tree-nation to plant more trees and stop deforestation. For every order we get, we will plant one tree. 

Read more on our Charitable Give Back programme