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hoya kerry activewear

Our products

Our sport bras

hoya kerry specializes in sports bras that fit and flatter the female form. Unlike many widely-available sports bras that use a singer layer of lining, that can cause the bra pads to slip out of place while the wearer is being active, hoya kerry has designed its bras with a signature lining that holds its bra pads firmly in place, so the wearer can move and stretch without worry. Also, taking ideas from a daily bra, our bra lining has an extra rigid layer in the center of the sports bra. It is to keep the pads in the right position on top of the breasts.


Our bra pads

Come with 3 styles of padding: The standard, the lift and the push-up. 
The bra pads can be changed, for when you want a different shape to create a different volume for your breasts.

Normal pads

The standard pads create a thin layer of smooth cushioning for your breasts, without altering your shape.


Lifting pads

The lifting pads gently lift your breasts up for a flattering shape for larger breasts, and fills out the gaping cup for smaller breasts.


Push-up pads

The push-up pads use an L shape on both sides to push the breasts up for an ultimate boost to create a shapely silhouette.  


Our supports

Come with 3 impact levels:

  • Light impact - for yoga, pilates, spinning, barre…
  • Medium impact - for hiking, dancing, boxing, cycling…
  • High impact - for running, cardio, aerobics, climbing, HIIT…

* With our high impact sport bras for HIIT, one extra layer of sling lining is added on both sides. The slings can hold your breasts tighter and firmer without weighing you down, as well as reducing the bouncing during high levels of motion in sport.


Our fabric

For the pad foam:

We use anti-yellowing foam, which resists the oxidation and prevents the discoloration that can occur from sweat.

For the pad and lining:

Both the pads and the lining are made from multi-spandex, which give an ultra soft touch, comfortable to wear. It is also breathable and abrasion resistant.

The latest technology was used in their production to make them environmentally friendly – once they are no longer in use, they can be easily broken down by bacteria in the soil and water and do not cause damage to the natural environment.

For the outer fabric:

Our polyester has a high percentage of spandex, so it has a 4-way stretch, is breathable and lightweight. More importantly, we used recycled yarn that is made from plastic bottle by a Taiwanese textiles company.

At hoya kerry, we dedicated to selecting eco-friendly materials that good for our environment.