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hoya kerry activewear

love Green | love Sweat | love MORE event

At hoya kerry, we believe in a philosophy of loving green, loving sweat and loving more......

The way we treat everything, from our own bodies to the world around us, is repaid to us in kind. Living well means taking care of ourselves, our communities and our planet. We aims to help our clients achieve wellness not only physically, through its activewear, but also spiritually.

Come to our love Green | love Sweat | love MORE event and find out more~


love Sweat: Barre Workout Class by Karen, founder of @barre2barrehk

Barre 2 Barre is the only certified BarreAmped studio in all of Asia. Founded in America, BarreAmped classes combine the elegance of dance, with the control of Pilates for a fully engaging, yet surprisingly calming workout.

together with @zeroyet100

Try the all natural, chemical free deodorant before you sweat. @zeroyet100 products are handcrafted in Hong Kong and using natural ingredients.


love Green: Tea time break + "Plastic Attack" Talk by environmentalist James Marlow , founder of @hkploggers

Why should we stop using so much plastic? 

Why does James set up HK Ploggers and organize plogging workouts + picking up rubbish?

Why do we use plastic-free packaging and recycled yarn from PET plastic bottle for our activewear?

together with @teapigshk

UK quality real tea, you can find whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers in their biodegradable plastic-free tea temple.


love MORE: Self-love Sound Meditation by Malbert, @malbertlee 

Experience a deep state of tranquillity to the sound of the gongs and singing bowls. Sound alchemist Malbert Lee offers a unique acoustic mind-body relaxation including sound immersion and self-love meditation.

together with @essencialcandles

Experience the love of all natural air purifying candles that made by beeswax blended with 100% Pure Essential Oils. No chemiclas and no toxic. Adding an aromatherapy to enhance your meditation.

Max 15 people 

Price: HKD250 for 1 ticket

           HKD440 for 2 tickets (use discount code: "lovemore")

With goodies bag that worth more than HKD250 with Cash coupons, discount offer and lucky draw from @hoyakerry @zeroyet100 @teapigshk @essencialcandles

2019-04-13 / 14:00-17:00